Welcome stitchers to the all new home of www.PixelStitchStudio.com!

In order to make the website more user friendly and easier to traverse (as well as maintain), we are proud to announce the revamp is live and creatively wonderful.

Now that our new and improved site is live, I will be concentrating on bringing you more original and incredible counted cross stitch patterns.

And in case you didn’t know it, this creative has a few other things going on. My sister sites are live and I’ll be working in tandem to bring you awesome products and not just counted cross stitch patterns!

Looking for apps? Check out www.DAZwierz42.com! Currently Android apps are what I’m producing but give me time…iOS is the next planned platform.

Like an image but think you can’t handle stitching it (and yes I know you can and you should believe in you) or you want the image now and can’t wait to finish it? Well click on over to www.StrangelyAppropriate.com. Some of the same images that are in cross stitch pattern form can also be bought on various items. It will link you out to either www.zazzle.com or www.cafepress.com. These sites are great and offer a plethora of items that can have my images printed onto so be sure to take a look around.

Lastly but not leastly (yes that’s not a word 😉 ), there’s www.DAZwierz.com, my personal website. It’s there but I’m not quite sure the direction I want to go with it yet. Tell me what you’d like to see there…and what kind of pattern designs you’d love to see!

During the next year or so, some of these websites will also be revamped so stay tuned for updates. And obviously with this many sites, it takes a lot of work but never fear, creativity is never dead with me and you’ll see many fascinating images and changes coming.

So create an account, get your freebies and let’s stitch and have fun together!