NEW PATTERN – Come See What The Future Holds

Come See What The Future Holds Cross Stitch Pattern - Unframed

I’ve been creating digital images for a few years now and some seem ready to become patterns and some, like this one, seem to be missing something. Well I finally discovered what I thought it was missing. And finally it was ready for prime time!

I think all things mystical and magical appeal to all of us. I know it does to me. And admit it, if you can get a glimpse of your future, wouldn’t you? Well now you can have your own personal gypsy to help guide you.

360 stitches wide as well as high and 141 DMC colors bring this beauty to life. If you’re like me and you have a stash of floss from other projects you’ve finished, this should not be a problem. No one said you had to stitch it all at once either.

When it comes to projects of this size, I tend to have at least two others in rotation. and guess what…it’s ok to have other WIPS (works in progress). if you get to a point where you aren’t finishing any of them…well it’s time for a sit down and reevaluation your backlog.

After all, it’s not just fresh starts that are exciting. Finishing patterns give you that amazing sense of accomplishment.

So take a look at the specs here. Maybe it’s for you, maybe not, but as many of us cross stitchers, we’re always on the hunt for our next great project.

It’s available as a digital download thru Etsy and you can link out to there from my product page.

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