NEW PATTERN – You Had Me At…What the hell!

You Had Me At What The Hell! Cross Stitch Pattern - Unframed

Yup. I just had one of those days. You know the kind…not just a day of run of the mill problems and screw ups…this day just seem to go over to the seriously how f*^#ed up is this. And this pattern was the result. I think it looks great. On the plus side, it’s kind of therapeutic to stitch out what you were thinking.

You know what makes this design even better…you can easily substitute in your favorite colors…or make it all one color…or a multitude of colors…or use variegated floss for a truly unique look.

This is a partial coverage pattern. Add a dyed fabric for the background and your finished item will be so uniquely yours.

And hopefully, this will not only help you vent, but add a smile to your day knowing you aren’t alone in this sentiment.

Ready to take a look at the specifications on this pattern? Click here to head on over to my product page and take a look.

This cross stitch pattern is available now on Etsy as a digital download.

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