Cross Stitch Basics

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! It means you are ready to go on an incredible journey into the world of cross stitching and you want to know where to start!

Let’s break this up into more manageable parts. You’ll need some supplies and then you’ll need to know how to cross stitch.

Because I’m trying to give you as much information as I can, I’ve broken those topics up onto two separate pages.

Just know that I am a self taught stitcher. There are many of us out there and many of us started without the internet to guide us. (No comments on my age now. :O ) If we could all do it, you definitely can with so many more resources at your disposal.

I’ve broken up the information into supplies and how to’s so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by a lot of information on one page. So get comfortable, click on the following links, and let’s start you down the rewarding road of cross stitching!

What Supplies Do I Need To Cross Stitch

How Do I Cross Stitch

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