NEW PATTERN – Sometimes You Need To Put On the Hat…

Sometimes You Need To Put On The Hat Cross Stitch Pattern - Unframed

Have you ever have one of those days where you just felt you needed to be the…witch…to get others to understand what you want and need them to do? (OK so sometimes witch is spelled with a “B” and not a “W”.)

Same here. And that’s what inspired this new pattern.

There are only 19 colors on this pattern and you can still get a nice satiny finish look on the hat which I love.

This is a partial coverage pattern. So you can get creative with the cloth color you use. There are a lot of hand dyed fabrics out there or even try doing your own cloth!

The final stitched dimensions are 219 stitches wide by 173 stitches high. The great thing about patterns and not kits is you can determine how large the finished size will be by deciding on what stitch count fabric you will use. I have a blog post about that here.

Like all my patterns, you get a regular size format chart as well as a larger format chart and each comes in a black and white chart or color chart.

For full pattern specifications, click here to be taken to the product page. For now, you would still need to buy it from but it does link out to the exact product there.

Here’s a little sample of what comes in my patterns. the left image is the regular format black and white chart while on the right is the large format color chart.

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